About hjc888黄金城

The Corporation

Our company began in 1988 with 2 employees. By 1992 we had established the Channel Fabrication trade style, and by 1994 we had registered the private corporation of Channel Fabrication Inc. We had grown to several employees and had established a firm reputation as quality fabricators. Today we are a multi-million dollar company with 40 full time employees. Our business has evolved to a major manufacturer, while maintaining many of our fabrication relationships. We now operate under the trade style hjc888黄金城 to better reflect our expertise and skills.


In 1988 the two employees were Richard and Glen MacAdams. Today they remain as principals of the corporation. Both were employed and educated within the metal manufacturing and fabricating industry, prior to starting their own venture. They are Certified Welders, Machinists and Millwrights. Both are trained in structural engineering requirements. Their knowledge and experience has expanded to make them not only successful, but among the most knowledgeable and capable in the industry.

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